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with ma my shoe but i'm not going to sit here and look stupid. go ahead. bring me backup. >> kirk: come on. we're just going to get to the truth. no violence on this show. no violence. >> i am the biggest liar in america. thank you. i am a liar. i am a liar but you are still tapping it. >> you live with me. you live with me. why wouldn't i? >> kirk: let me takeover here. welcome to the show. listen. listen. first of all, i will say this: you do look like a lovely couple. >> this is deceiving. if we did not have a fight everyday... hickeys on you are a woman, brother what is it? >> we discussed that and i shouldn't be out there. we know what we wept through. >> kirk: was he cheating on you? >> i find text messages and you don't come home until the next morning >> kirk: i have to be able to speak. or no one will know anything. we are here to get results. you think she is cheating >> i know. >> kirk: we'll find out if you are right or wrong. tell me quickly about the condoms >> he came in at 4:00 in the morning. i cannot sleep i'm used to somebody holding me. and sweating and stuffnd like you
? >> yes. >> kirk: taton and you have two childr together >> yes, we are together >> kirk: but he is sneaking off wi nirvana. have you -- >> we weren't together at the time, no. >> kirk: are you still seeing taton? >> yeah, last week >> i know. >> kirk: you are ok with that? >> i don't care. she is open. i mean come on his sex is good so... yeah, i know it is. i had it first. sloppy seconds. >> sloppy seconds you think so? >> taton must be so special if people do not mind him sleeping with everybody >> he is an idiot >> kirk: but he is the father o your children. do you live with him? >> no, god no. >> kirk: now taton said if cole is his -- >> we're taking him. >> they want cole --ismr my dead body and you ain't going near my kids >> i already have been >> kirk: i cannot believe you guys are not friends anymore >> i have been near your daughter. >> kirk: you on the town must have been a blast. time to meet the man in the middle of this former friend feud. taton come on out and try not t get anyone pregnant on the way. [laughter] how are you doing? >> how is it going? >> kirk: this
you about something if it's not true? >> kirk: that is the only woman he has admitted to? >> yes. yes. >> kirk: there's been instances. you found a bra in his glove box? >> we were going to palm springs and we were driving and i opened the glove box and ara fell out. >> kirk: like a jack in the box? >> yes, i knew it wasn't my bra. >> kirk: it was a surprise gift? >> no, it was way too small. the girl must have been like an a cup. it wasn't my bra. so his story was at that time really defensive number one so i was like why are you getting so defensive. and the story was from the woman who lived in our apartment before us, who happened to be a lesbian it was her bra >> kirk: she kept herras -- >> i don't know how it ended up. the whole thing i don't know. >> kirk: now, when you got pregnant multiple women came forward and said they had been with michael >> now in 2012 that's when we got back together. and you know, i had worked on some of my issues, separately and michael worked on some of his issues. and we were at a good place. and we wanted to have a baby. it wasn't a surprise. we w
growing. and it just got -- >> kirk: and it was slowly growing did you suspect chris or thought it was she was growing a belly? >> no, i suspected chris, yeah. i was definitely aware of the sexual relationship. i basically saw her belly and when i saw it it came to a point when itas undeniable. so i had to ask him what happened? and that is when i found out for sure that she was pregnant >> kirk: what was your reaction? >> oh, i was furious. i was ballistic any word in the book you can thi of. >> kirk: but -- >> i did leave after that. i did leave. i left that day i found out. we had a big blowout and i was gone for three months. so... >> kirk: but then what? you came back? >> yes, i cameack >> kirk: why did you keep coming back? >> because chris is that typef guyhatou cannot say no to. >> kirk: listen, so for the past two years you have all lived in the same house? >> going on three years n >>irk:s hleepg with both of you? yes, he is. >> kirk: i mean are you happy >> no.s arranment? no. >> kirk: why do you stay? >> chris is a very, very special person. >> kirk: is he holdi you
>> he looks just like you, really? >> i ain't 100% sure. >> kirk: all right you had doubts with the first child as well. how come there? >> well, the first child is because we both was doing our thing she had a boyfriend and i had a girlfriend. and me and donna we were having sexual activities and robo bust and she called me and told me that the baby -- she was pregnant and i wanted to hide it from my girlfriend. so when i told her that the baby was mine we lost contact and once we lost contact then i thought about it and i said after about two months the baby was born, i said if that is my daughter i want to be a part of her life. >> kirk: do you really doubt this child is yours? >> yes, i do. because i cannot trust donna. that is why. i can't trust her >> kirk: she says she can't trust you. that you are also a cheater >> no i ain't no cheater. >> kirk: eric you have said are you a cheater? you cheated in the past >> no, i haven't. i ain't cheated in no past. >> did you cheat on your last girlfriend with her didn't you have a girlfriend that you cheated on with her? [laugh
. it does matter. >> i need that information to continue this. >> kirk: listen if you need that dna test let's go out and do it and let's find out. you are here for this let's do it. all right? this is why we are here today. [applause] i haveo problem. >> he is a low down dad. [applause] >> a lie is a lie don't continue the lie >> it is ok for you, too. you called me to pick you up, right? >> kirk: here is a question did you sleep with a co-worker? >> i did but before we got together. >> how did the story change? >> the story did not change. no, it did not. >> i asked you from the beginning from 21 jump street look this is who i am and this is what i've don and this is what i do. i told you and i asked you. when? how? >> kirk: are you cheating? >> i cheated. i came truthful with her. >> it doesn't matter a lie is a lie. >> i told you the truth. i said this is what i want to do for the rest of my life. i'm telling the truth and you are lying that don't make sense >> i'm not lying. >> kirk: today is about honesty and truth. when did you cheat and how long are you still cheating? >> no. when we
i left. >> kirk: so you are up north and how long before you heard she had been murdered? >> a longtime. >> kirk: how did you find out? >> the district attorney called me. healked to me about what he discovered and legally we were still married. he tried to give me somewhat do you call it? those personal belongings that she had >> kir youere never a suspect? >> no, he did not say i was no suspect whatsoever. i was next to kin is what it was. so i went ahead and talked with him and gave him him the information he wanted to know about me >> kirk: the da had no suspicions but your children thought you may have had something to do with this? >> i don't know if they thought i had something to do with what happened to their mom but i heard my children asked me if i collected any kind of policy on her. and i says no. i don't have a policy on myself let alone her >> kirk: you deny that you had an insurance policy on her? >> that the honest to god truth i never had a policy on anybody. >> kirk: your children said that you had been purchasing spending lots of money buying things?
. >> the lifestyle i live caused me to be in and out of jail. the brief moments i was out of jail -- >> kirk: but that can not be her fault. >> exactly. >> kirk: she should not have to suffer for that. >> ok, the person who -- kirk: how -- [all talking at once] >> she livedh me at 16 i tried to makeup for it. >> kirk: so there was 14 years that you were not there. >> i was there in her early childhood but her mother took her away from me for three years. >> two years? then you was in and out of prison. >> she was two and h mother took her i did not know where she was at. >> kirk: did you try to look her up? >> i tried but i had no luck. and the next time she was fivep i just got out of jail. i tried to tell her mother, i know whatever our pas was let's make it right and start over. her mother told me she did not know. i wasn't going to sit around and wait. and at the same time, i had to get on my feet and do what i had to do so i could be there for r and then i got caught up again. she don't know because her mother has not been telling her the truth. >> kirk: brittany your mom is here. d cri
] >> kirk: you said it was more important for the children to be with you than with -- >> yes, it is i'm not trying to tear them away from their family: no >> i personally taken a break from my family because i -- can i talk? because i actually was married y'all heard that at the beginning of the show that i was going through a divorce it's not like i have not to do it the god way, the american way, the good way. however i have a daughter with and he and i are not able to even make a phone call to eh other. we cannot even communicate. i can't call him and he pick up the phone. do you really think that my daughter is benefiting right now fr the dysfunction between myself and my ex-husband? no she is not. with my second child there are things that i will do differently. i am going to have a conversation with the son's father. there is nothing that he can do to me or say to me, i am not afraid of him. i can leave just like you saw me walkout. however what i will not do is put my son in jeopardy because i have walked off, ran off, gone to another state another city, and he can't find me a
it by you and go to the end zone. >> brent: another big play, another 30 yard game. >> kirk: they're going for 600 yards of offense tonight. >> brent: so when you think about oklahoma state and boone pickens stadium, folks, they're about to become 17-1 in the last 18 games here. so for some much us, it was a little bit surprising when they were a huge underdog at home. the win tonight makes them 17-1 in the last 18 games here in boone pickness stadium. and that was glidden, return man over there. this would give them a seven-game win streak after the loss. and mike gundy, he spent a year as an assistant coach at baylor in 1996. he was an assistant there. and one thing about the baylor program, when you look around waco, within four hours, there are 100-150 division i prospects every year. i'm not surprised they have turned this around. second down and six. childs the ball carry as the clock ticks away. did they turn it over? was there a strip down there? baylor thinks they got the football. but i think it's being marked down. and there is the young man who is certainly down. >> kirk: yeah,
. >> kirk: let's talk about -- [all talking at once] >> there is a warrant for your arrest >> and i haven't paid support you are... [inaudible] i hate you. don't to her don't talk to me >> what kind of twisted mother calls her own father -- >> kirk: backup. backup >> all right. carry on then. >> you're sick. sick, buddy. >> ally >> hi. >> kirk: nice to see you. did you keep casey away from morgan for three years? >> in 2006, yeah i was bitter because he went to the courts and he lied. he said i abandoned my child. that he had her since birth and i was nowhere to be found >> kirk: what about the kidnap allegations? >> if i was a kidnaper would i not be charged? >> kirk: you have to get caught >> 24 hours notice to return her. you got lucky. >> what judge gives a kidnaper 24 hours? a kidnaper gets a time-frame to bring back their child? >> i dropped the daughter off on your doorstep >> as god as my witness you had 24 hours. >> you can kidnap somebody as long as you bring them back in a certain time-frame? >> whatever. you are on reverse. because you are lying. >> kirk: did you ever coach mo
. senator mark kirk was elected to fill the seat that was once held by president obama. after the rod blagojevich scandal of the governor essentially trying to sell that seat, the scandal that ultimately put governor blagojevich in prison, republican mark kirk is the man who eventually got that seat. senator kirk is probably best known for the major health challenges that he has survived since becoming a senator. senator kirk suffered a major stroke in january 2012. it took him an entire year to recover enough to relearn how to walk. you might remember this very moving, dramatic footage of him returning to work for the first time. walking with great difficulty up the capitol steps where he was greeted by vice president joe biden and his fellow senator from illinois, dick durbin, and by his friend, west virginia senator joe manchin. but while senator mark kirk has been dealing with the physical rigors of coming back from that devastating stroke, he has also been fully functional as a senator. and he's been very interesting as a senator. because mark kirk is turning out to be not a very
that senator heller has done. i know senator kirk is going to be joining us as we're going to do this a little different because this is a joint subcommittee hearing. i will chair the first panel. and senator merkley will chair the second panel.s the uses of virtual currencies have proliferated in recent years. my hope for this hearing is to educate the senate members and m others. and start the education of the public about virtual currencies, including their potential and drawbacks. i also hope to explore how regulators are keeping up with g this technological innovation to protect consumers. and i've gotpr a full statement here, but i actually have to he acknowledge that, you know, i'vc been following this kind of development of bitcoins for the last few months.hs. and i think i'm only starting to wrap my head around the ntial potential up side, down side, regulatory issues, monetary policy issues, taxation issues, consumer protection issues, tha this innovation represents. and rather than going through my whole -- i'll just point out tot the witnesses and those that back in
senator merkel and i appreciate the work senator heller has done and senator kirk will be joining us as well. we're going to do this a little different because it's a joint subcommittee hearing i will chair the first panel and the senator will chair the second. the uses of virtual currencies have proliferated in recent years. my hope for this hearing is to educate the senate members and others and start the education of the public about virtual currencies, including the potential and drawbacks. i also hope to explore how regulators are keeping up with this technological innovation to protect consumers. i've got a full statement here but i actually have to acknowledge that i've been following this development of bit coins for the last two months. i would think i'm only starting to wrap my head around the potential upside, downside, regulatory issues, monetary policy issues, taxation issues, consumer protection issues that this innovation represents. rather than going through my whole thing, i'll point out to the witnesses that back in 1982 i had the opportunity to get engaged in a new
mark kirk, that we have now reached 60 votes. actually, as of just last week, we only had about 57, 58. and another person came on. then another person this morning announced -- senator heller of nevada announced his support for the bill and that puts us as 60 votes. so we have the 60 votes. and i'm predicting, mr. president, we'll get more than 60 votes. once you reach that critical mass, i think people here will understand that this is a ste step -- another step in the direction of opening america up. and making our society more inclusive rather than exclusive. senator kirk, who is managing the bill for the minority, has been a supporter of this legislation before he was elected to the house. senator merkley on our side, who is the sponsor of the bill, was the leader of this effort in his state of oregon when he was in the organizinthe oregon state l. so both of them, one republican, one democrat, have been champions of this bill since before they even came here to congress. they both played a critical role in getting it into our committ committee. and even though senator merkley lef
by two of our republican colleagues, senator collins of maine and senator kirk of illinois. when he came to the floor to speak on enda earlier this week, senator kirk noted the importance of a senator from his home state of illinois, being in a position of leadership on this civil rights issue, this really is an historic opportunity, and when the senate votes on final passage of the employment nondiscrimination act tomorrow, i hope we all will take advantage of this historic opportunity. thank you. and with that, mr. president, i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from arkansas. mr. merkley: i so much appreciate the comments of my colleague from delaware, first speaking to the importance of rebuilding our manufacturing sector, of creating living wage jobs, how important that is to building the middle class, providing the foundation for families to thrive, and then speaking to the core issue we're debating today, that of ending significant discrimination against millions of american citizens. the words were well-spoken, i say to the senator from
for both me and kirk rhymes, we both submitted a speaker card in case i wasn't able to stay the duration. my name is jackie flen. we have been located in the bayview for over 10 years. we are excited to embark on a new adventure with the sf arts commission and through our youth employment program as well as the summer youth program. earlier this summer some of you had the pleasure of meeting some of our young adults that referred to the project pool this year and corey was interested in commissioner torres stem cell program. that was all through the summer program that she was exposed to. i would also like to say that the summer is an a little bit bitter sweet for us because it does end. after this summer we had over 38 actual positions filled with some of those kids and what we did was we proposed for an expansion of that program through the arts commission and part of our goal is to keep youth in the bayview active, do something constructive with their time, but in addition to that, we wanted to in a way mentor them and equipment them with employment skills which is the other realm of
the windows step up and down and shift horizontally. and then the final images of you from donahue and kirk wood, we had the bays along donahue, we have stooped along that street so people can enter their unit along the sidewalk to activate the edge which is a requirement for the d for d and then we've introduced sun shades on this as well as a portion of the frydale. it provides shadow for those units facing this west orientation. i have a couple material boards up here that i can pass around later after the presentation but basically the materials on the building are painted a cement board panels, painted horizontal citing, we have some board form concrete as you can see in this image. the metal is a warm metal that we're using on the building. we'll have painted railing and you'll see the sun shades there that we're proposing and then the wood screen that's along the street on frydale which is a mixture of stained wood colors. juflt want to walk you through the program. this is a plan on the screen right now of level 1 which shows the ground floor and closed parking garage that's ac
members kirk and heller, members of the submit. my name is david cotney and i serves t as the commissioner of banks for the commonwealth of massachusetts. it is my pleasure to testify before you today on be-half behalf of the conference of ou state supervisor.hold i thank you forin holding this n hearing today to address the risks and benefits of virtual currency. theri risks of virtual currency include consumer protection, payment systems, national ity, m security, money laundering, and other illicit activities. the potential benefits are also differ.fits are speed and efficiency, lower transaction costs, and providin an outlet for the unbanked and underbanked. with these evolving payment technologies states are exploring the connection between existing money transmitter regulation and virtual currencies. state regulators have long supervised money transmitters to protect consumers and preserve national security and lawnete enforcement interests. state regulators are talking with industry and other regulators about evolving methods of moving funds. this includes virtual currencies, prepai
daddy is. >> i cannot believe you are not friends anymore. >> today on "the test." [applause] >> kirk: welcome to the "the test" i'm kirk fox. today it is a teen mama baby drama to end all dramas. nirvana says she has no clue who knocked her up a year ago. she has had two dudes dna tested and now needs to know if taton is the baby's daddy. taton has two babies with his girlfriend tiffany and they used to be best friends until taton did the nasty with nirvana. [applause] >> so you think taton is the father of cole? >> i know he is. >> why? >> because i tested two people and they tested negative and he is the last one. >> you think the third one is the charm? >> yes, of course >> and you and tiffany were best friends >> we were but come o no. i slept with her boyfriend. >> was taton with tiffany? >> he was but he realized i was better. so... >> kirk: and you say tiffany is a backstabber? >> she is a backstabber she has been around. kirk: in a perfect world what would happen today? why are you here on the test? >> i want to find out if he is the father of cole and i need dna tests and he
of my face. >> today on "the test." [applause] [♪] [cheering] >> kirk: welcome to the "the test". i'm kirk fox. today it is a knock-down-drag-out dead-beat dad deadlock. my first guest casey says no way was he a poor papa. his ex is calling foul on his devoted delusionsism he is a dead-beat liar. i nf hid our daughter. he chose to not be in her life >> my ex stole my daughter for three years of my life and i was desperately trying to find her >> kirk: let's meet casey first. come out casey. casey, why are you here today? >> a couple years back my ex made my daughter call me. and in her own voice say you are not my dad. i've got a new dad because lynn had a new boyfriendp he is going to be my new dad and don't call me again and hung up the phone. three years no contact. >> kirk: in 06 you had the child with you >> yes. in 06 it was for a family vacation. >> kirk: for visitation and she claims you kidnapped her >> she did. and i had a temporary court order to have her because she was moving. and that was the only way i could think of to keep my daughter where i was able to have contac
. >> the dna results show that you... [screaming] >> today on "the test." [applause] [♪] [cheering] >> kirk: welcome to the "the test" i'm kirk fox. we're starting off today with a double dad dna drama. brittany grew up thinking damien was her father until mom crisetta let it slip that she slept with someone else, too. >> for 18 years i thought this one guy was my fathe until out of nowhere my mom told me there was a possibility that another guy, a stranger, t could be my father. that is why i'm here today to get the truth. >> anthony says he had no idea he might be a dad. >> i was shocked. i received a message possible that i am the father and to find this out it was very hard feeling to know that i'm possibly someone's father. >> anthony has never met brittany until today. we tested both men and today after 20 years brittany hopes to find out who her dad really is. welcome brittany to the show. [applause] hi. how are you? >> ok. >> kirk: so why are you here today? >> i thought this one guy damien was my father. and my mom out of nowhere tells me hey it is a possibility you so she goes on
>> i'm very upset. it's killing me. >> today on "the test." [applause] [cheering] [♪] >> kirk: welcome to the "the test" i'm kirk fox. today we are going to untangle a twisted murder mystery that has four siblings desperate to find out the truth. they have come to find out if their papa profitd from their mother's tragic murder. 13 years ago their mom's naked body was found near a river bank and the murder was never solved. the children want answers to the questions. did their father collect a $100,000 life insurance policy behind their backs? did he have anything to do with their mom's death? today we are going to close the chapter when we put david to the test. welcome david. [applause] >> kirk: thanks for coming. have a seat. at the top let me say i'm sorry for your loss and your family's loss and i do not think there are words to describe what that must be like >> no, i couldn't imagine either. all i know is i love my kids very much and i'm a nervous wrecknd i want them to know the truth. >> kirk: and are you here today because you want them to have the truth. this family is still
them lea you today ohe test." [appuse][♪ [cheerg] >> kirk: welcome to "the t" i'm kirk fox. imagine this... you have a baby with the man you love. you live together and you think you have the perfect little family. then one day out of the blue, your baby's father brings home a friend and tells you she is going through a divorce and just needs a place to stay. you agree because you would never want to see another woman t that is not where this story ends. one night after a night of boozing your boyfriend is snoozing and he starts using t truth. and you find out that your man's friend is his woman. well that is exactly what happened t my first guest kalia >> my boyfriend moved into woman in with us when i w three months pregnant. it's been three years and she is still here >> i moved in and had no idea they were togetr and now we have a kid together ande refuses to choose between us. today one of us is out. >> kirk: it sounds like a full house over there. let's meetalia and findut more [applae]l t the show. kalia tell me what is going on >> basically, i have been seeing christopher fo
destroyer to captain kirk. his nickname is captain a. kirk. the navy spokesman says the real captain kirk is looking for a chief engineer named scottie. >>> did you hear, did you catch that solar eclipse over the weekend? it was kind of a weird thing, daytime sort of thing. scientists say this one is rare, the kind of eclipse that comes only once in a decade. we'll explain why in just a moment. 4/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixo
senator mark kirk on monday. the illinois republican gave his first extended floor speech since suffering a stroke some two years ago. he used his time to speak in favor of the employment nondiscrimination act. >> this is not a major change to law. i would say it is already the law in 21 states. i think it's particularly appropriate for an illinois republican to speak on behalf of this measure in the true tradition of everett mckinley dirkson and abraham lincoln, men who gave us the 1964 civil rights act. and the 13th amendment to the constitution. >> senator kirk was joined by just six of his republican colleagues in voting yes on the measure. respected 2016 presidential candidates rand paul and marco rubio both voted no. >>> and as the senate passed that bill, congressman mike mccode came out of the closet. the 58-year-old democrat who is also running for governor wrote an op ed for two state newspapers in response to what he called "whisper campaigns" about his sexuality. he acknowledged being gay, writing "yes, i am, but why should it matter?" >>> apparently, former president jimmy ca
on this topic. >> ranking members, kirk and heller and members of the subcommittees.bers of my name is paul spencer and i am the president of bytes, the i financial services round table. attempts to develop digital currencies have existed for decades. as consumers have become more confidentble and computer systems have become more powerful and less expensive, we're seeing digital currency increase. we need to recognize it exists outside financial king and payment systems. in my testimony today, one measure of a currency's successy is its acceptability. we're seeing retailers accept digital currencies for goods and services. for example, the publishing serv service accepts bitcoin as a form of payment.ederal just last week, the federal election commission indicated it is considering allowing byte coin's use as accepted. digital currencies also allow access where digital currencies do not allow access. digital currencies may also have the ability to provide access ie the under-banked and non-banked. a microfinancing service in kenya recently added a bit-coin. payment for its customers. digit
medals will open its door december 30th. north star and kirk what are making snow, their opening dates are still to be determined. >> they think it may have caused a problem on the bay bridge. george will have that coming up. >> the very latest is that we are still dealing with a bigger than normal backup for the bay bridge westbound. there was an early morning accident that occurred the crash has cleared but the backup is still with us. i will update this and arrest of a hotspots when we continue. the c when we continurest of >> the time is 6:46 a.m.. >> our hot spot this morning is the bay bridge west bound with an early morning back up their reaches the macarthur mayes. it is now starting to back up over the westbound lanes. this is not yet back the bore the eastbound lanes. this system result of an early morning accident. yesterday, we did not have anything on the bridge but we still have a back up because of the wet deck. it is likely that we will see a mixture of both today. on 92 the volume is a building it is at 15 to 16 minute drive time. >> that east bay, the ride on an estat
on the eve that he is supposed to be released from the hospital. just over three weeks ago sasha's kirk was set on fire while riding in ac transit bus. sasha does not identify with either gender male or female. but his script was caught on fire set on fire. his parents like to say thank you to all that helped and supported. >> thank you for supporting us. it was a terrific thing that happened but we have had so much support from the committee, friends and family. we are just so thrilled about that. we are thankful for that it has been a great support. >> reporter: as of right now he will be charged as an odd built britt j.r. stone kron 4 news charged as an adult >> reporter:new tonight at 8-- bart service is not normal yet on development of this story. >> pam: the holiday shopping season is well upon us. and authorities are cautioning shoppers that thieves are also coming out in force. >> pam: but there are tips for keeping you and your belongings safe this season. >> pam: kron4's scott rates is live in walnut creek. with what shoppers and police are saying. scott? with the holiday seas
this in the trunk? >> today on "the test". [applause] [♪] [cheering] >> kirk: hello and welcome to the "the test" i'm kirk fox. another dad another denial another dna drama. my first guest says he doesn't want to touch a baby. he knows is not his. let's bring out the baby daddy in question. please welcome kalia to the show. [applause] have a seat. all right, tell me what is going on >> well, basically, you know, i've been with my girlfriend for five years. and we have a child together. and i feel like the child is not known because i caught her in a lie. she told me a story and i went with it. and come to find out after investigation it was a lie. >> what was the story? >> well, the story is -- >> kirk: because you have been together five years >> five years you know. and -- >> kirk: and the child is two years old >> the child is two years old i claim her as my daughter because i raised her i am her father i have been there. for the past years every doctor's appointment and signed the birth certificate with doubts. so i am her father >> kirk: you had doubts out of the gate? >> no, i found out three
attention as well to my colleague, senator mark kirk of illinois, a republican, who came to the floor of the united states senate yesterday and gave his first speech on the floor in two years. you see, my colleague suffered a stroke, and as a consequence, he's gone through a lengthy rehab and hospitalization, and he has really made a remarkable comeback. i was here on the day when he walked up the steps in the united states senate to the capitol, and there were people of both political parties, senators cheering him on, as they should. i watched his progress ever since, and it is remarkable. his determination to serve our state and nation continues. and yesterday he gave his first speech on the floor in two years, and that speech was brief but it was important. and i'd like to quote from my colleague's speech. he said -- this is from senator kirk's statement yesterday in the "congressional record" -- "i think it is particularly appropriate for an illinois republican to speak on behalf of this measure." i'm speaking of the employment nondiscrimination act. in the true tradition of abra
husband? >> this is disgusting! >> today on "the test." [cheering] [applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome to the "the test" i'm kirk krk. lindsey lohan's drama-prone father is back to take the test again. this time it's for problems with his on again off again fiancee kate major. the couple welcomed a baby boy into the world. however things have been far from blissful for kate and michael. we know about michael and dina's past >> i'm here for him to clear the air. >> and now, michael's relationship with his fiancee kate major may be doomed to the same fate. the couple has been making headlines but in all the wrong ways. she accuses him of domestic violence. they both struggled with drug addictions and now, they are both accusing each other of cheating. both say they are ready to take the test to find out the truth once and for all. before walking down the aisle. >> is there any -- >> we will see. >> kirk: today, kate major and michael lohan are ready to sit down together in their first ever television interview. i will talk to them in a private setting where we put michael to the test and
and i'm deep honor to be here as well with my colleague senator mark kirk. >> which we are going to turn to next and we welcome to the committee a friend, a colleague, senator kirk and i know senator durbin wants to be recognized. as well as congresswoman duckworth. >> thank you very much mr. chairman. i will be very brief. in the history of the united states senate congress about the year 2013 there were high points and low points with one of the highest points was january third of this year because it was on january 3 when our colleague, mark kirk, returned to the united states senate determined to climb those 45 steps into the senate. he had endured a life-threatening stroke, three brain surgeries, hundreds of hours of rehabilitation but he was coming back to his job in washington. for all of the negative and partisan things that are said, if someone could have witnessed that scene on the steps and watched your colleagues mark stand and applaud, colleagues of both political parties, it was a reaffirmation that only up with the senate really should be about but also a tribute to you. y
kirk, and i'm happy we're having this joint committee. i think we need to have more of these, and with that, i'll keep my statement relatively brief. today, we're hear to learn about virtual currencies and crypto currencies, the most popular, of course, which is bitcoin. populations in nevada mine for gold, silver, copper, today they mine for virtual currency on the computer. while these virtual currencies are not yet widely accepted, the number of users continue to grow, and these decentralize digital payment systems. today, i look forward to learning about the long term viability and practicality of virtual currencies and learn how regulators interact with virtual currencies, which by their design, are meant to be independent, of course, of any government. i end with this note. the internet is a new frontier of innovation, and with internet-based technology, members of congress have to recognize we don't know what the new advancements develop into. while we must endure proper safeguards, it's my hope in hearings like this, we can help maintain an environment that continues
by senator mark kirk of illinois, and he said this to us. he said this is a very, very -- and he said it a third time, very bad deal. not only a bad deal for israel, because as he told us, you know, we are the little satan. you, the united states, are the big satan in iran's eyes. you think this is bad for us and israel, imagine what this will be for the united states. and so, mr. speaker, i would like to focus just a little bit on the chart that senator kirk put together, because i think it speaks very eloquently of why the p-5 plus 1 deal was very, very bad and why the prime minister netanyahu was rightly concerned about not only the national security of the jewish state of israel and the national security of the united states and freedom-loving people around the world. let's look at this document that was put together by senator kirk. they would get in cash $60 billion. some of the literature i read said up to $50 billion would be free and available to iran. at minimum they would have act stose $3 billion in cash. this is an actor, the state of iran, which was found illegally
a bill that would delay parts of the healthcare law. democrat joe mancien and republican mark kirk want to push back the deadline for policy enrollment, when the uninsured must sign up or face penalties. the deadline is january 1st. the bill would push that back by a year. >> gay rights advocates are applauding a bill in congress that would protect lgbt employees from workplace discrimination. this vote comes almost 40 years after the first bill of its kind was introduced. as access's mike viqueiera tells us, the battle is far from over. >> it was a major victory for supporters of gay rights but while the bill passed in the senate. a brick wall of conservative opposition looms in the houses. supporters call it a historic moment. >> the ayes are 64. the nays are 32. the bill, as amended, is passed >> reporter: the senate passing the employment non-discrimination act. it would bar discrimination in the workplace based upon sexual orientation or gender identity. >> let the bells of freedom ring. >> was in another in a string of victory in courts and in politics for the gay rights movement
closed swords with kirk herbstreet. check out his lip. he's bleeding. he caught a sword or the chest plate. i don't know what it was. the anchor desk is not a safeplace to be. florida state had the inside track on the bcs title game. an easy game today. woodfield breaks a few tackles and then is off to the races and gone. nicely blocked. he goes 76 yards for the touchdown. florida state all over syracuse and the number two team in the country, as you see it right there, 59-3. let's switch gears and come down a little bit. last night for the city high school vooly ball team. balboa looking for the upset, but no luck. cardinals took the first two sets. lowell and another smash. to cap things off the championship point serve up and 8. there you go. lowell wins the city championship, they beat balboa. it's lowell's 29th volleyball championship, most in the city's history. also a special shoutout to the 7th and 8th grade girls of st. mary's girls here in chinatown. they won their volleyball championship game earlier this week. congrats to them. i would like to see that. time now for a spe
corporation. thank you for all of you for bringing your expertise. >> ranking members, kirk and heller and members of the subcommittees. my name is paul spencer and i am the president of bytes, the financial services round table. atectempts to develop have exisd for decades. as consumers have become more confidentble and computer systems have become more powerful and less expensive, we're seeing digital currency increase. in my testimony today, one measure of a currency's success is its acceptability. we're seeing retailers accept digital currencies for goods and services. >> just last week, the federal election commission indicated it is considering allowing byte coin's use as accepted. digital currencies also allow access where digital currencies do not allow access. digital currencies may also have the ability to provide access to the under-banked and non-banked. a microfinancing service in kenya recently added a bit-coin payment for its customers. digital currencies can also help with impressive regimes to support causes that they might not otherwise support through their country's
over turning of light framed wood shear walls. >> good morning, my name is kirk means and secretary to the committee and we have a couple of administrative bulletins that i have proposed revisions to and they are both semi, minor. we will start with the administrative bulletin, ab-032 which is the site permit the administrative process explanation, there are two sections that were revised and primarily one is the middle, where the section number 6 and in general, we have required our applicants to put their issue site permit prior to them submitting their addenda to keep the open from dragging on and from, and from them, not paying up the fees to a certain stages in the permit process. and so, but there are circumstances where that sight permit cannot be issued in the project needs to go on and we need that flexibility to be able to approve that if there is a good reason for it and language that allows us to do that. >> the second item in that section is required by the planning, already entered into an agreement with planning. that changes the timing and when we send things to plan
have two buzzer beaters in one game. kendall williams sends to o.t.. then alex kirk, what does he to, boom. so they force a second o.t. and end up winning the game. big guy has to be 7-feet. pretty sweet. 97-94 was the final. oklahoma city, second time this week a thunder fan does this. for 20 grand. unbelievable. afterwards he got a little love from jay-z. probably had a pair of socks worth 20 grand. but pretty cool either way. >> would you hit the backboard? >> try to go backboard. my buddy and i used to stay at the gym late and compete with half court shots and we'd get in trouble. the bank is the best way on go. >> probably make one out of 50? >> no. >> you can do better than that? >> yes. we can hit the fwim. i guarantee you it would be more like one this 15. >> 10:00 a.m., we'll be at the gym. good morning, everyone. you won't be outside because it will be raining in many parts of the northeast. this is just light stuff going through. really just kind of nuisance team stuff, but it will be raining shortly in boston if it isn't already and in new york city. as far as the forecas
opening yesterday. northstar ski resort is open and kirk wood plans to open monday. >> they're not going to get much snow for the next couple of days. it's going to move across the southern portion of the states. back in the bay area, it's looking nice. 45 degrees, san francisco 53 degrees. i's going to really get cold tonight and here is your headlines. chance of rain in the bay area on thanksgiving. low 60s by thursday and the potential for rain. that's the way it's looking right now. for tomorrow it's not bad. plenty of sunshine, sunny and mild, sunny and chilly along the coast. 61-66 degrees. with a bit of a chill in the air, perfect weather for the holiday ice rink. forecast is 63 degrees and that looks good. the low pressure has moved out of the bay area. high pressure off to the pacific northwest continues to build. mild conditions and the temperatures could get down to the 30s and maybe some fog. this keeps us dry through thanksgiving but a chance of rain on thanksgiving day. sunny on sunday and right now you can barely see the moon. pinpoint forecast for tomorrow, temperatures w
friend senator merkel and i appreciate the work senator heller has done and senator kirk will be joining us as well. we're going to do this a little different because it's a joint subcommittee hearing i will chair the first panel and the senator will chair the second. the uses of virtual currencies have proliferated in recent years. my hope for this hearing is to educate the senate members and others and start the education of the public about virtual currencies, including the potential and drawbacks. i also hope to explore how regulators are keeping up with this technological innovation to protect consumers. i've got a full statement here but i actually have to acknowledge that i've been following this development of bit coins for the last two months. i would think i'm only starting to wrap my head around the potential upside, downside, regulatory issues, monetary policy issues, taxation issues, consumer protection issues that this innovation represents. rather than going through my whole thing, i'll point out to the witnesses that back in 1982 i had the opportunity to get engaged in a
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